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    lower power tanning beds vs high power please read not sure what i should do

    there is a tanning bed at the place and i was in a hurry and i needed to go for 18 min in the other bed but she put me in a high power bed for 9 min and she said it was = to 18 min in the other bed. so is that bed better for tanning it sure saves alot of time. also why dont they have all the beds that quick.

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    Bro.......I can't answer your question but are you starting to chatch a tan yet? Hows it going?


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    usually the higher powered tanning beds (shorter time) cost more than the lower powered ones (longer time). plus they offer more bulbs, more of the good UV rays.

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    If I use a bed (I use a standup now) I prefer the regular beds over the rapid beds. The tan the next day is the same, but the immediate reaction isn't as insane.

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