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    ~~~steroids, Hair Growth And Hair Removal~~~

    When you get increase hair growth over your body, what do u guys do to remove it if you do anything at all or do u just deal with it???

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    Anyone able to help???

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    Shaveing (PROBLEMS it will grow back within a week, and the stuble hurts when your trying to pound your women, or she is trying to feel your body, also up keep is tiresome) I don't reccomend shaving

    HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS (PROBLEMS: they do grow back 1 to 4 weeks later. Can irritate the skin and cause rashes for about 2 days. BONUS: quick, easy, painless, and cheap)

    HAIR REMOVAL MITS (PROBLEMS: they work by removing the hair from the root with rubbign the mitten over the hair. However, it generally shreds the hair not neccessarily removing them from the root. Can cause blotchiness. BONUS: cheap and good if your hair is week, and comes out of the folicule easily)

    Waxing (PROBLEMS; painful, and can cost sometimes 70 dollars proffessionally done depending on the scope of area to be done.
    BONUS: Will last for about a month, and it's great coz when the hair grows back, it's soft and not stubbly)

    Laser Hair removal (PROBLEMS:costly on large areas of the body, for example, one pectorial will cost about 30 - 70 dollars, you will find same effects as waxing, it will grow back after about one month. BONUS: but continued use of laser will rid hair for good after about 4 visits, also the more visits you make the cheaper it becomes)

    Electrolisis (PROBLEMS: very expensive, can hurt, and takes ages to do as they work on one hair at a time. BONUS: Final results means that hair folicule is dead and will not produce any more hair, hair that grows out of new folicules can easy be electrolised later)

    Having said all that, some chicks (a small percentage) dig guys with hair, and a little hair can look masculine. I am naturally smooth, but I can understand how steriods can cause hair growth.

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    I just trim, I have an electric beard trimmer, I put the smallest guard on and trim, That way I don't have alot of hair, I look more Swoll without it, but I don't have the rough ass stubble and it doesn't itch like some peoples who shave, but I do have really light colored hair so that helps,

    Try trimming it real close but not shaving. see how you like it,

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    I get those really small course soft almost invisible hairs all over my torso and back. I just put a lighter to my stomach and back and it spreads and removes those small hairs.


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