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    chinups Guest

    Goin to Doc----Blood Work/Basic Tests..

    I want to go to the doctors and get all my shit check. I was looking for like alist of things that I should tell him to check out......liek liver, heart, estrogen...I am not sure myabe someone can help me out......I mean I have experimented with some shit but that was once on some light shit and not for long..


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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    here's my blood work :

    CBC will test for your basic things and i added testosterone (not shown in the picture)

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    Keys test cover all except for GGT(gamma-glutamyltransferase) and CK(creatine kinase),those have to be supplemented, but are crucial to assess liver function in bodybuilders.

    Test panel will likely need to be supplmented as well

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