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Thread: Knot on nipple

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    Knot on nipple

    I have this knot under the skin on one of my nipples. What the hell is it? I have been off my cycle for about 2 months now. I noticed it a few weeks ago, seems to be getting bigger. I guess Iím being hard headed for not going to the doctor, but now Iím getting worried. Has anyone ever had this problem before? Like I said itís a hard know, about the size of marble under my nipple, it makes my nipple stick out a little more than normal. Is this from the gear? Any feedback would be helpful.

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    It's gyno and if its already at the stage where its a hard lump you're going to neeed expensive surgery to remove it. Go to your doctor and talk to him about it.

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    could be gyno but allso it could be breast buds. Its like some gland under the nip. a buddy of mine had them. they go away in a bit but you need to stop playing with it. The only way to know is to go to the doc... good luck

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