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Thread: Doxycycline???

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    I am going to take 1AD 300mg.ED 4AD 300mg.ed wk 1-4. 6OXO wk 4-6. I will increase the dose if I am not seeing good results. I need to know if I can take Doxycycline to help with the acne while on the cycle, also I will be taking TwinLabs daily one multi Vit. Would it be cool to take both of those? I read on another post somewhere that you should not take Vit E while on a cycle. Please Help!!

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    You could easliy get away with any otc product, as your andro cycle will most likely not cause a huge flare up of acne. If you have acne anyway, just go to the dermatologist and request Doxycycline and Tazorac.

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    i would not reccomend dox man. dox is known for the "making it worse before it gets better" effect. trys to push it all out of your body. id find somethin else,bad effect for me,did not like it at all.good luck

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    Doxycycline is one hell of a strong kick ass antibiotic...
    I really don't think you need something that strong and it will effect your gains on gear too... Not a good idea...

    I always use some OTC medicine and antibacterial soap and it works fine...

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