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Thread: strange bump

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    strange bump

    I have been on the juice now for almost 3 years,taking time off between cycles of course.Towards the end of my last cycle of test enenthate,d bol,eq,and nolvadex I noticed a red bump underneath my left eye.In the past I've had some acne but have never had an acne problem even in my teens(I'm 30 now).The problem is that I am 8 weeks out of my last cycle and that particular bump has not gone away.It seems to fade a little one day and then come back the next.I was thinking of getting it checked out but I don't know if this is common and I'm just worrying myself about it.Any help on this would be appreciated.

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    Not that i can help you with your particular issue, but i suggest you get it checked out. The sooner its diagnosed the sooner it can be fixed if its a serious issue. Get to a doctor, and have him take a look at it. It might be wise to disclose to him that you've been using AS for 3years also. Best of luck bro

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    ~Its RED SOX season!!~
    ~ What type of bump is it? Does it feel like a pimple? when you streach the skin on either side does it subside and disappear?when you place your finger on it does it feel like a ballbearing almost?~

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