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    Ingrown Hair Help...

    Hi I am new to the board.

    I am currently working on leaning out and gaining some muscle mass. My questions on that stuff will be in the other forums though

    My question is...

    Has anyone gotten really bad ingrown hairs from waxing/shaving? I mean like Pimple looking ingrown hairs. I shaved my chest and stomach after I had been getting waxed for a year or so and now I have pimple looking things all over... some are very big and sore. I guess they are infected ingrown hairs

    How do I get rid of these or help them? I have tried using tendskin and other products, and I have no shaved or waxed the area since the breakout. I also tried to use a loofah and that didn't help either. I had my girl pick at them with a lance to try and pull them out, and she got some but then they just grew back under the skin again I guess because it didn't go away. Anyone know of a better way to clear this up?

    It's pretty embarrassing, I won't even take my shirt off right now because the skin looks so bad. Thanks for the help in advance, I look foward to posting more on this board.

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    Well you have to pull the hairs out completely before they will heal up. I use bump remover. Also use a new razor. Usually triple edge or something like that. A dull razor will do this. If all fails. Its dermatologist time.

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    Bump.....I have the same problem. From sugaring. Looks like acne. I would like some ideas as well. I go to a school to get this done for me, they don't even know what to do.

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    ~ I would love to take all the threads on this and combine them =) ..... one Word EXFOLIATION!!!~ Tend skin is a great product but not on its own....loofa's are good too once you see the shadowing, but you guys need to use a body scrub, and i dont mean somnething from the drug store! You want something that has glycolic acid in it!!! Glycolic is a natural exfoliante made from sugar can, and what it does is help melt the glue that hold dead skin together so as it is melting that glue you it helps slof off that dead skin that is builind up around the hair folical and not letting the new hair grow threw... If you are shaving you need to exfoliate on the days that you are not shaving, but if you are waxing you want to exfoliate starting about 3 days after you wax or as soon as you feel or see a ingrown developing....Shaving in most cases cause more ingrowns then waxing so give it a try, yea it hurts but you get use to it and if you pop 4 advil an hour before you will be gravy! and if you do get waxed ask if they could use the high frequency machine afterwards. this is a machine that uses electric current to kill off bacteria that causes breakouts! if you are having problems with them on your back and nothing else is working go to a spa and get a back facial w/ a glygolic treatment, they will cleanse exfoliate extract and if you are lucky they will give you a nice back massage before they apply the treatment mask!! We have alot of men that come in for these.....i think they come in mostly cause once in awhile the estheticians boobs will brush up against them and they get the croch in the face but that is another story..and more questions i will happy to answer!!~
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