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    Accutane and test

    Hi bros, last year I did an Eq/Winny cycle and was happy with the results. The only thing I did not like was the bad shoulder and back ance it gave me. I almost think it was more from the PCT than from the steroids themselves. Anyways, I want to go for more of a basic test cycle this time around and was wondering if any of you have been on test and taken accutane at the same time?



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    I ran into the same problem as you with an Eq/Winny cycle in the past. My chest, back, and shoulders looked horrible. Although it cleared up shortly after PCT, I still have some scars from it.

    However, this time around I ran Test and var and didn't have a single problem with my skin. I'm telling you I'm just as prone as the next guy when it comes to breaking out...but the test and var had no affect on my skin. I think it had a lot to do with running a low dose test cycle along with keeping my blood levels constant by taking var everday.


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