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Thread: vpx redline

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    vpx redline

    hey bros, i was searchin through the threads and didn't see much info on this product so i figured not many people had given it a shot. I was in GNC the other day though and my buddy that works there was just raving about it so he gave me a handful of free packets to try. I tell you what, i took one before my afternoon workout yesterday and on my way to the gym i was sweating my freakin a** off. Psychological or not, i felt like it was one of the most killer workouts i had had in a long time. I'm thinkin about pickin it up after i finish off my clen and think this might be a good choice for fat burners for guys who don't get results with hydroxycut or xenadrine..........any other ppl tried this stuff, comments?

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    I tried it. I bought 100 packets of it and took like 5 and stopped because of the headaches it gave me. It was very effective before cardio sessions, as I felt as if I could run forever with no fatigue. Try it at low doses first, or else you will feel very lightheaded and dizzy.

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    Hmmm, I'm the opposite. I can't do any cardio on it because I feel like I want to puke, but I can lift weights on it- it just makes me really really hot.

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