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    Anyone San T3 ?????

    T3 - Thyroid Hormone Activator

    New research now proves you can get "cut" deeper than many pro's once you discover why thyroid hormone is to "fat-burning"... what testosterone and growth hormone are to muscle-building. T-3 by SAN takes the fat-burning process to a completely new level. With T-3, bodybuilders can now experience vastly elevated thyroid hormone levels... but without any "shut down" of their natural production. That's because T-3 actually makes your thyroid gland produce more thyroid hormones on a continual basis. And this is the secret to getting shredded beyond all belief... the permanent speeding of your metabolic rate by naturally increasing your thyroid hormone output. But here's one for "scientific history books" because T-3 actually causes your thyroid gland to increase peripheral specific thyroid hormone turnover!! What that means is that "your thyroid hormone T-4" and it's specifically "DNA code" will now attach to your individual cellular receptor site to form T-3. Please look for this and other cutting edge supplements produced by SAN...the sport supplements industry innovator.**

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    Thats not a bad statement to get some idiots to buy it, but all that it conists of is Synthetic Guggulsterones. It has no t-3 or even t-4 in it.

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    are there any supps that increase the thyroid output , rather than taking cynomel and gettin a shutdown on your thyroid , thx ?????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOAIB
    are there any supps that increase the thyroid output , rather than taking cynomel and gettin a shutdown on your thyroid , thx ?????????
    yeah man cytomel is some scary ****! anything that can shut down any gland permanently is scary
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    Iodine, Kelp Or Any Sea Veggies Or Supplements Feed The Thyroid

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