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Thread: Ephedra Ban???

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    Ephedra Ban???

    I have a question. I found a few sealed bottles of ECA stack in my closet that I had forgotten about. I tried to sell them on eBay yesterday and they took my listing off. I thought if you still have ephedra you can sell the rest of what you have??? I am a power seller on eBay with a flawless record and now they are threatening to put me on suspension for a few months. So what is the deal? Can we sell it or do I have to trash it (or use it myself)???? They are called "Yellow Subs", pretty much just ephedra/caffeine/aspirin, thats it.

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    YOu can send it to me if you want, or use it yourself, but you can't sell it on ebay anymore since its a controlled substance, just like you can't sell cocaine or crack on ebay.

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