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    Collagen Protein?

    have any of you guys supplemented with collagen protein supplements? I hadn't even heard about it until a couple weeks ago. Cant find out too much about it, just curious. My boss told me that it was great....just wondering what you guys have heard

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    i have read collagen was a low grade of protein and you are never really sure what you are getting, as in where they are manifesting the collagen from. They manifest it typically from livestock, so that can mean any animal on the farm. There are thirteen types and its range of uses vary from skin care products, wound healers, and injections for angelique jolie sized lips.

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    I´m using a 95% hydrolisated(gets into your blood as fast as 5 min.)form.
    It has a poor amino content but it´s good for building up your cartilage in your joints.

    It also has 9g of Arginin/100g,so if you take 30g you have the same as a NO-Booster I guess(never tried one).

    I´m mixing it with about 7g of Glutamine-peptide,so it dissolves well and I think it´s a great post workout drink,for gh-boost NO-bost and recovery along with some carbs and whey later on.

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