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    Help! M1T question?

    I researched M1T for two months before taking it. I started a M1T cycle Tuesday June 1st and planed a 4 week cycle with nova and clomid pct. I am taking 5mg a day and the sides are killing me with headaches, sleepiness and my Blood presser is running 140/90 and it is usually is 120/70. I am taking multi-vitamin, 3mg garlic oil, 1500mg of hawthorn berries and lots of water. I am 31 and have been training for years. If I stop taking it do I need to do pct since it was a week and two days?

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    yea i would still use a pct just in case

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    better to be safe than sorry, stick with the pct

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    Just guessing but after a week and 2 days, your nautral test production is probably next to nothing, so yes, continue with PCT.

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    if u had run tribulus supp , with your cycle u would have had less sides ! i found it quit helpful , also were u taking 4-ad with your cycle or no , it is recommended u do .

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