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    Other uses for supliments

    First I may as well introduce myself, I am not a body builder, I do not use steroids , props to those who do. I came to this forum because you have an extensive forum regarding suppliments many of which are the same as the ones myself and my peers use for other purposes. I am a long haul glider pilot, and aerobatic pilot. My job mainly involved 16 to 18 hour flights, with varying g-loads from 2 to 7 g's. In order to survive the extreme stresses of what I do I run all sorts of various suplements and adhere to rigerous exercise programs similar to what you folks do.

    Generally I run off 8 meals per day, 2 of them solid food, the rest nutritional supplement gel through my flight gear feeding tubes. My life revolves around cycles. 24 Hours on duty, 24 hours off, with 2 weeks at the airfield, 2 weeks at our training facility. 3 Months active with 1 month off in between.

    So you are all probably asking yourselves so what, whats this guy doing here. I may as well tell you.

    I'm about 5'8 and 150 lbs, I try to keep my weight around that level, no more, no less, as its perfect for weight and balance.

    I used to rely on ephedrine for my long haul flights with general good eating habits and exercise, but we've since stepped things up a notch and gone from 8 hour flights to up to 18 hour flights. We currently are working on riding a mountain wave at 40,000 feet, not exactly a friendly environment.

    Now that we've stepped things up a few notches, and now that I've run out of ephedrine, I'm on Adenergy, and Xenadrine NRG, with a heavy multi vitamin, ginseng, an additional vitamin a boost with green tea to stabilize energy levels late in the shift and beggining of the day.

    My solid foods are generally a 6 ounce steak, and my liquid gels are an engineered military supplement thats customized per pilot. I go through about 16-20 cups of water per day.

    When I'm not in the air I'm on a 2 week enduro exercise program for leg strength, running, and high g training.

    Now heres the beef of things, I'm getting use to the xenadrine, does anybody have any advice on what to cycle it with?

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    your getting use to it! give your body like a 2 week or longer rest
    and then start taking them again .

    IMO being a pilot i would not want to be hopped up any anything other than coffee.

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    Thankfully we have a flight surgion who clears us before we fly and monitors us from the ground.

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