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    BIOTEST MAG-10 4-AD-EC and A 1-E

    Hey Everyone,

    Just saw this new item listed on Nutripeak where I buy my supplements...What do you guys think? Is this stuff any good or for real...READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW..Its selling for $92.00

    4-AD-EC and A 1-E

    • Pro-Steroid Delivery System

    In effect, we've rendered all other prohormone products completely obsolete. We know this sounds like outrageous marketing hype, but it's 100% true!

    MAG-10 is the culmination of several super-smart scientists who've devoted a total of two years to the project. Everyone involved agrees that the outcome of our efforts goes so far beyond what we ever expected that it's hard to explain in words. Bottom line, MAG-10 will rock your anabolic world like never before.

    MAG-10 is a stack of 4-AD-EC™ and A1E™ — the premier Class I and Class-II androgens — combined in a special, liquid carrier system that orally delivers very close to 100% of the active materials into the blood!

    Biotest has filed patents on both 4-AD-EC and A1E. So unless we license other companies, Biotest will be the only place you'll be able to get these heavily muscled, nuclear weapons.

    In summary, MAG-10 is the first and only, legal pro-steroid delivery system that…
    Produces real steroid-like gains through the combination of A1E and 4-AD-EC — the premier Class I and Class-II androgens.
    Covers all the anabolic bases, achieving optimal muscle-mass gains, without estrogen or DHT side effects.
    Is 100% efficient at converting into active, anabolic compounds.
    Maintains an active life of more than 24 hours from one single dose.
    Provides an advanced oral liquid delivery system, thereby increasing absorption efficiency over any other compound on the market (to the point of "no contest!").

    As incredible as it sounds, we have every confidence that MAG-10 will allow you to add 20 lb of lean mass or more in just 8 weeks or less, legally, safely, and economically.

    It just doesn't get better than that!

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    If that product description came from the manufacture then its probably been hyped up ALOT

    9-10 times products like that are blown out of proportion buy the seller to get you to buy it, and its generaly crap .

    they only way i would suggest taking that is if you get it for free

    ask around if anyone has taken it and what kinda results they got before you waist your money bro

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    i've heard many shady things about biotest, they are known for marketing the shit out of their products.

    i've read about people liking AD-1 and 1-Test. (made by different companies i can't recall)

    guys at talk about that prohormone stuff. do a search on it.

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