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Thread: B-12

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    hey i have a problem eating alot and i know i need to but i was wondering if i were to take b-12 pills if that would help out or would it be better to take b-12 injections. i already have b-12 pills

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    About the B-12


    From everything that I've heard and researched, I guess supplemental B-12 isn't abosrbed well throught natual consumption. I've done the vitamin b-12 shots myself. I was doing between 1-2 ml of the injection every other day or so. Each ml=1,000 mcg's. However, I never really noticed an increase in my appetite.

    As crazy as it might sound, I bought it through a vet supply store. You have to have a prescription for it, and from everything I could tell, and from what I read, the vitamin is the same for animals and humans, just require different amounts, obviously.

    Here is a link, that explains the importance of B vitamins on muscle performance.

    The main reason I started doing the injections, was because I found that I was fatigued a lot, and thought it might have been due to poor absorption of vitamin b-12 in my diet. I didn't notice a real difference, however. On the flip side though, since you already have the pills, I'd say just take them, it won't be dangerous, since you nearly can't over dose on b-12. I'm say take them, in large quanitities and see if it makes any difference.

    -Javan, .................hit me up if you have any other questions.

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