Whats up, I am going to begin my PH cutting cycle that inculdes a few T-3 cycles (7/5 splits) on Monday and I just wanted to clear up a few lagging questions.

Since I don't have access to any verified legit sources of AAS (for the love of god, don't PM me saying that you are a source, I don't care), I am going to be using PH's to help reduce the amount of muscle eaten.

1) Should M-Dien and M4OHN at varying dosages be enough to hold onto my muscle?

2) As far as my thyroid support supps. go (T-100x, Colleus, L-Thyrosine, etc.) I planned on taking them everyday throughout the cycle and I have enough of each of them to do so, but is it necessary? Or using them for PCT in the off days?

3) I planned on using the first 1 or 2 cycles to tweek my dosages. I planned on beginning at 100mcg max dose for the first cycle, good or no? I plan on upping the dose if my BBT will allow and droping it if necessary. BTW, as of yesterday I weigh 240 at approx. 20% bf.

4) I am going to be tweeking my diet while on my cycle. I am going to be upping my protien intake to approx. 300-350g per day, mostly meats (around 250 now) while slightly droping my overall caloric intake. My question as to my diet pertains to my carb intake. What should I do with it? I have read that eating more carbs makes your temp rise, but how many carbs should I eat to maintain a reasonable temp? I have also read that any drop in caloric intake should come from fats and carbs.

I also have some clen that I could use for it's anti-catabolic properties. I realize that using the clen means lowering the overall T-3 dose. I'll do some more research on this.

I've posted in this forum as well as the anabolic discussion forum, Mallet hasn't been around in a little so I didn't get very much help.