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    1AD/4AD stack question

    Ok, so i think i'm going to try a 1ad/4ad stack (first time doing PH and don't want to start with M1T)

    I was thinking of doing a 2 week cycle using 600mg of oral 1AD and 300mg of transderm 4AD.

    PCT will be for 2 weeks using 40 mg of novla for the first week of PCt and dropping to 20mg for the final week.

    so, first question. is 2 weeks long enough to see how i react to PH?

    do my doses look ok? Does 1AD come as a transdermal? Can anyone recommend a site to buy the PH so i make sure i get a quality product?

    Is my PCT OK? Why do some people also recommend using clomid with nolva?

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    I would bump it to 6 weeks of 1-ad/4-ad.

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    2 weeks is not long enough for 1ad IMO, i ran it for 6 weeks.
    pct on 6 weeks of 1ad i would deffinatly want clomid my natural test was shut down hard with 1ad. i did not run the proper pct and lost my gains (this is when 1ad 1st came out and did not know any better). Running the novla would be good better safe than sorry run it for 3 weeks 40mg 1st week and 20mg last 2.
    check bulknutrition for you trans 4-ad and 1ad
    your doses look good youll have to see how that works for you.

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    I did 4 weeks of 600mg of both ED. personally i havent felt anything, and havent gotten bigger. workouts were not as intense etc. Just finished my cycle last night. Gonna do a pct anyways, even though i havent gotten anywhere, i dont think. Im probably gonna be going m1t in a few weeks.

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