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    Question need a routine, maybe supplement

    I'm 17, ive been liftin for a year, on and off...not too seriously.
    i just ended a sport and i'm starting to get into it alot more serious than i was, if any of you vets could supply me with a diet, work out, and supplement it would be greatly appreciated.

    my bf is 13-14%, i'd like to lower that a little, i bench about 225-230 now and i'd like to be benchin 300 by june

    oh yeah another thing

    i work my abs quite abit, and have the visible, but theyre abnormal. its hard to explain, the left set is good, but the right set isnt...the top right one is above the top left one, and the middle one isnt centered...its all fucked up...anyways, is that genetic or is there any way to cure it?

    thanks guys, i'd appreciate any thing you have to say

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    read up on the workout Question section there are some good workouts there and on the home page the anabolic workout

    read the posts on the supplements questions good info there too

    welcome to the board bro

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