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    Meal Replacements

    Hey Guys,

    I have been trying to amp up my food intake lately by getting myself up to 1g protein per pound I weigh, six meals a day etc. I have been using GNC 100% Whey two scoops with one teaspoon of glutamine (5 g) for two of my meals. The other 2 are lunch dinner and I throw in a Turkey Sammich on whole wheat bread with lowfat mayo for another extra meal.

    Is that good or should I get one of those shakes that has a ton of other nutrients and calories?

    160 lbs
    BF 10%
    Flat Barbell Bench
    225 max 1 rep
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    Depends on what else you are eating? If you're gaining you're obviously eating enough carbs and protein. If you aren't gaining you'd have to review you food intake and if you decide you need more carbs, a meal replacement would be an option.

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    i cant tell if it's good or not as im not sure what cals you're currently eating, but i find mrps handy when you need something but havent got time to cook or are unable to i.e. at college/work/school or something


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    btw bro its 1.5g not 1g

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    If you're working out really hard, you can pump up your protien to 2 grams per pound. I always like a good meal replacement over the weight gain shakes. It's even better to get a medical grade meal replacement if you can afford it.

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    mrp's are awesome good way to get in an easy meal

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