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    Water loss problem

    Hi, am 24.. I train and took several AS cycles and now am in mid of 12weeks cycle and i am seeing satisfying results so far.. i was very skinny so am always trying to bulk up and i have very fast metabolism..

    my problem is i like to play soccer so match.. so now i play 2 times/wk and each time is 2 hrs and i losee lott of water from sweat... on scale i lose 2kg after the game and my body needs every food water and everything to stay in shape... so is there any advice? is there anything i can take to help anything of course other than drinking lot of water.. for ex. would creatine help in anything.. i know am not clear in my prob. but its just bothering me to lose 2kg= 4.4pounds just after each game then i spend some time to get back my weight then try to get over it then lose them again n so on..

    thanks a lot for reading

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    how much water do you dring on a daily basis?

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    i really dono but i can assure u that i drink a lot n pee a lot.. i mean i never let my self get thirsty so i always drink b4 i get thirsty and am carryin 1 liter bottle all day all night anywhere everywhere with me n thats almost when i started serious training like 4-5 yrs ago so i drink plenty..

    and to add more info.. i live in very hot country 36-40+ C which is average 100 F ... so is there something i can do to help in anything or its ok to losee very lot amount of water during the game then recover later?


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    Blaze up an air conditioner! You should probably be drinkin about 2 gallons of water a day. I dont know how many "leeterrs" that is. Creatine is a water retention supp, so it might help. Its worth a shot and its very cheap, $20 for a 1000g.

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    rule of thumb.. if you are ever thursty...... you are dehydrated..

    drink 2 gal a day... fill them up in the morning, and drink from them only all day.. then you will know how much you are drinking..
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