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Thread: supp check

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    supp check

    hey bros i ran a search on MRM and didnt come back with much so i will ask

    Does anyone think MRM massive whey is any isnt a weight gainer...only 1 carb...i dont know why they call it massive but whatever

    I ask because i cant get my usual Elite Protein by dymatise...i really like that stuff

    The problem with MRM is that it doesnt have an amino acid profile on the lable...which breaks down what is in it...

    i thought MRM was a respectalbe company...but without the breakdown im not sure...

    thanks bros.

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    I have never heard of the the whole name of the company (the letters M,R, and N) or is it an acronym?

    IMO just get some of the Solid Whey sold at ASN.....great price, just ordered 10lbs of Vinilla last week

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