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    M1t so far.........

    Ok i am following nsa cylce day five gained 8 pounds, pretty amazing, couple things i am doing or adding to the cycle based on my research have seemed to help with the sides so far. I started the 4derm by itself three days prior and it seems to have raised the libido so far, also i think it helped me gradually get use to the adding of ph's to my system. I am taking 10 -12 ultra 40's by beverley which is a dried beef liver and b-12 pill. it helps with the lost of appetite, also it is good to add to any workout diet. I take an iboprofen about a hour after my second 5mg m1t with a meal to counter headaches. Of course one cant drink enough water(1-2 gallons a day), but when i dont drink the headaches come a little. also I keep a can of a energy drink around and take a couple sips before my work out and work to keep the energy up. I wouldnt pound the whole can due to the increase in blood pressure risk. also i am taking a couple milk thistle here and there throughout the day just to help the liver out since i have read several threads with varying ideas on its effect while on cycle. I would not take it together with the M1t and not as much as i will during my pct. Strength gain really started kicking in today i am expecting more in the next few..well see what happens
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    A lot of bros have had amazing results while on M1T around here. I myself have it and will start it in oct. Keep us updated on your progress. Good Luck!

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    Just because it is legal doesnt mean its not a roid. M1T is juice baby, that stuff is gonna jack that ass, keep up the good work.

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    I have some pretty solid gains at this point barely going into my second week. I am adding 4derm today. They will probably push to ban m1t eventually like they did androstenedione. Punk @ss legislators.

    One thing I have noticed is the pumps stay longer. My wife was like "wow" when I came out of the workout room in my home. Rock on juicers.

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    are you supposed to take m1t on days that you do'nt workout??

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    Yes, you need to take it everyday to maintain constant levels in your blood.

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