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    1-ad,4-ad; 4wks off; m1t; 4wks off

    Hey guys I was thinking about trying to do these stacks tell me what you think. This is just a though of mine, been thinking about turning to the darkside, but just wanted to use some otc's one last time, before they lose all their potency. I will be eating a strict bulking diet throughout, trying to eat fairly clean though. If you guys can think of anything else lemme know!!! Basicly i just want to make one last attempt to gain as much as possible then move to the other side this spring.

    4 weeks on
    1-ad, 4-ad (need to figure out my dosage, will do this week)

    4weeks pct
    Bottle of cell tech

    4-5 weeks on
    m1t (10-15 mg), 4ad
    hawthorne berry
    10mg liqidnolva

    4week pct
    clomid, nolva (standard 300, 150, etc.)
    another bottle of cell tech
    milk thistle

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    u guys think I should run clomid after the 1ad 4ad, I will be working so money is not really an issue.

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    I would go with:

    6 weeks on - 1-ad/4-ad
    6 weeks off - 6-oxo and tribulus if you can't get nolvadex and clomid.

    Then the sample cycle in the m1t faq.

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    I did the 4 weeks of 600mg ED of 1-AD and 4-AD, im on my PCT with 6-oxo and trib. But I didnt get any bigger while on it, I am not sure whether it was from me losing a lot of bf, i douvbt that though. I did however notice a great strength increase, and right now im doing the DC method and im getting stronger each time around. I am gonna try m1t/4-ad in a month or so, after this little ab tear goes away.

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