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    creatine while on m1t or for pct?

    Hey bros,
    I have a question, should i run creatine throughout my whole m1t cycle including pct, or should i just run it for PCT? Or should i run it for first 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off then 4 weeks on(which would be my pct). Thanks!

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    You could do either, its really a personal preference. I find that it gives me a boost after im done with m1t, helps me maintain strength better and i also get semi-depressed when i lose weight cuz i feel im losing muscle, i know im not but it feels like it. So creatine will help maintain the weight that most people lose during pct(phosphocreatine and a little water). If you take clen and creatine with your pct, you should lose no weight, provided your diet and training are in check. My last cycle i gained 10 pounds and i still haven't lost a single pound from that cycle and im a week or 2 after pct. I plan on doing another m1t cycle in september.

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