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Thread: blood pressure

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    blood pressure

    hi im getting ready to go on m1t. No huge amount or anything, im just gonna keep it at 5 mgs the first week and 10 the second and do the 2 week cycle. right now im taking milk thistle, i was wondering if i can stay off of the hawthorne berry for blood pressure or is it essential throughout the cycle. Also i have no problems with blood pressure or anything like that.

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    Its not absolutely essential but it will help keep you from getting real tired when you workout and alleviate headaches. Almost everyone is fine BP-wise, but m1t increases your BP. Why not use it during your cycle? Its not like its expensive.

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    600mg ED year round for me. I take it everyday of my life. It is GREAT for the heart.

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    Agreed Lozster. m1t has actually elevated my blood pressure and I have never had a history of above normal BP. Hawthorn berry is like 5 or 6 bucks for a big @ss bottle.

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