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Thread: Why?

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    Thus far I am on week 4 of M1T and have gained a little over fifteen pounds (In the first two weeks), however yesterday I took my weight for the end of week 3 and found that I have actually lost a pound.....same (very sound) diet, with roughly 3600cals. Just curious as to why this could be. I actually expected to gain weight, since I just recieved a promotion last week, and have been in the air conditioning on my butt, rather than busting my butt in a hot warehouse every day. Can't turn your nose up to 15 pounds I suppose though.

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    15lbs is awesome bro! THe weight you lost is probably water somewhere along the line. Maybe from the hot warehouse, maybe your body regulating a little. WHo knows, but your results thus far are awesome! Keep up the hard work!

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