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    ADAPTOGENS! Increase Your Muscle Mass!

    Planet Muscle (November - December 2003)

    ADAPTOGENS! Increase Your Muscle Mass!

    by Chuck Curry

    Adaptogens are natural plant substances which may increase the body's non-specific resistance (or ability to cope with internal and external stresses) and can help normalize natural body functions. They are safe with no documented side effects.

    Most adaptogens will increase 16-hour waking energy output, lower measures of stress, increase muscle endurance, decrease recovery time between bouts of exercise, strengthen the immune system, heighten awareness and produce better sleep.


    Known to Chinese herbalists as far back as 2,697 B.C., plants with observed adapto-genic properties are native to China, Siberia & Scandinavia.

    Now a registered trademark of the Swedish Herbal Institute, the word Adaptogen™ was first used by scientists in the early 1950's to describe rare species of natural plants whose properties proved effective in helping the human body and brain cells "adapt" to and resist physical, chemical and environmental stress (

    In 1947, the Russian scientist N.V. Lazarev discovered a substance that helped increase the body's natural resistance. By 1958, one of Lazarev's students, Dr. Israel Brekhman's conducted detailed pharmacologic searches for biologically active substances which could increase health. This search resulted in the classification of a new group of plants called adaptogens.

    These quite rare plants with adaptogenic qualities had lived through the Ice Age by adapting to and thriving in the most severe living conditions on earth. Because of this, Brekhman believed that they might possess qualities that could help our bodies adapt to the stresses of modern life (over-framing soil mineral, chromium, selenium and nitrogen depletion) and hard athletic training which acutely altered nutrient demand to short-term hydration and temperature thermodynamic fluxes in the body.

    Brekhman's discoveries and research paved the way for over 5,000 different types of clinical trials and experimental studies on adaptogens (primarily performed in the former Soviet Union and Germany). Many of these studies revealed the phenomenal immune-building and stress-protective capacity of adaptogens (where they should have specific positive effects in one major group -athletes)!

    With 1 out of every 4,000 plants able to hold the title “adaptogen,” there are two most recognized in Russia, China and Japan as the most versatile and therapeutic.

    These are Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan), and Rhodiola Rosea. Gynostemma and Rhodiola Rosea may have profound nitrogen-retention anabolic effects, increasing both uptake and synthesis of protein.

    As well, Gynostemma and Rhodiola both increase endurance by increasing the levels of oxygen specifically in the brain circulation and in the blood stream.


    Because of its ability to help adapt to cold weather Gynostemma is one of the most consumed herbs in herb in Tibet. Gynostemma comes from the leaf of the Red (Panax) Ginseng plant, and ginseng root, comes from you guessed it- the root. Gynostemma is may produce a 3-fold increase in the body's naturally occurring antioxidant- superoxide dismutase, (SOD) help maintain healthy blood pressure and even normalize cholesterol levels.

    In addition Gynostemma boosts the immune system, supports healthy liver function, may help restore and revitalize tired adrenals, and enhances athletic performance by enhanced blood oxygen levels, increasing the capacity to handle stress by boosting energy.

    The active ingredients in Gynostemma) have been proven to be a direct nitric oxide precursor, similar to L-Arginine which was previously thought to be the only nitric oxide precursor available (1). They do not provide raw materials for nitric oxide production, but, instead gypenosides increase the half-life of Nitric Oxide by destroying free-radicals in the blood that usually destroy NO.

    An increase in Nitric (not nitrous) Oxide production helps the body absorb nutrients, promoting faster muscle growth and providing a continuous muscle pump to aid recovery.

    Gynostemma may be the most effective herb at lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    In doses of 300mg of gypenosides/day, gynostemma has been shown to decrease BP levels from 220/100 to a normal 120/80 in 2 weeks!

    Herbal researcher Jialiu Liu, M.D. states that when people couldn’t sleep due to stress took 80mg of Gynostemma/day, 95% were sleeping well within a week!

    Gypenosides can be taken in daily doses of 40mg to 300mg with no know side effects, except increased bowel movements and increased erection frequency (the latter a side effect Jeff Everson begs for). Jeff’s note: Actually a bowel movement would be just fine.

    Rhodiola Rosea

    Rhodiola (also know as Golden Root/Artic Root) improves hearing, learning, memory, exercise recovery, serotonin (and other neurotransmitter levels), promotes muscle to fat ratio, raises blood oxygen, decreases BP, and activates the enzyme lipase (to burn fat).

    It even replenishes lagging sex drive, and helps erectile dysfunction in men in 26 of 35 patients in a controlled trial.

    Rhodiola Rosea is considered the #1 adaptogen for short term memory enhancement, increasing protein uptake, increasing endurance and mood elevation.

    Of all the Rhodiola species, R. Rosea has been the predominant subject of photochemical, animal, and human studies. According to the American Botanical Council, Austin Texas approximately 51 percent of all animal studies and 94 percent of all human studies conducted on plants in the genus Rhodiola are on the species Rhodiola Rosea. Only R. Rosea has passed extensive toxicological studies and has been certified safe for both animals and humans.

    When considering a Rhodiola supplement be sure to get 100mg to 300mg daily of a standardized extract (3% Rosavins), or 3mg to 9mg of rosavins daily.

    Rhodiola Rosea and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum are base ingredients in several GET DIESEL Nutrition products because they work well. Some massive Companies such as EAS and Pinnacle have used Rhodiola Rosea in endurance/strength increasing formulas, but in trifling potency compared to my formulas (ask Everson).

    As time goes on, you will see more and more supplement manufactures realizing the power of adaptogens, and meanwhile my adaptogenic formulas such as DIESEL FUEL Reloaded and NOS Precursor are miles ahead of the game baby!

    Chuck "Diesel" Curry, Public Health Tech. US Air Force, founder GET DIESEL Nutrition, 1999 USAPF Colorado State Bench Press Champion, a natural NPC bodybuilder, free lance writer, CEO of GET DIESEL, and active duty air force! References by request from Chuck Diesel. Diesel Fuel Reloaded may be the most effective single product in the USA!

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    wiat so where do you buy this ****?

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    Russian liquer plant
    Sound to good to be true

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    Kingdom Of Heaven !

    get it her NOW NOW NOW !!!!


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    Try you can get whole chinese herbs here for pennies compared to the supplements. I have no connection with this site but I have used them in the past. Nothing illegal for sale there. I am an advocate for herbal medicine in general. Just wait and see they will all be banned substances in the near future so big drug companies can cash in on things that are made by nature that are good for your health. They can't patent them so they will legislate them to illegality.

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