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    Supplements While On This Cycle...Please Advise

    15-17 Test Prop 100mg Ed --> 21 days
    1-14: Test Enan 700mg/Wk
    1-14: Equipoise 600mg/Wk
    1-4: Test Prop 100mg/ED
    1-10 Fina 75-100mg/ED
    10-17: Winstrol 50mg/ED

    Nolva: 10-20mg/ED
    Letrozole : 1.25mg EOD
    Vit b6 200mg ED

    PCT 3 Days after last prop shot.
    day 1: clomid 300mg, nolva 20mg, letro l.25mg EOD, vit b6 200mg
    day 2-30: clomid 100mg, nolva 20mg, letro 1.25mg EOD, vit b6 200mg
    day 31-35: nolva 20mg, letro 1.25mg EOD, vit b6 200mg

    (Thanks to BeefCakeStew and Tribex with the finishing touches on the cycle)

    I'm going to be taking the following supplements daily, let me know if I'm missing anything or should change anything.

    1000mg Milk Thistle / ED
    200mg B6 / ED (as above)
    200mg ALA / ED
    Cran Extract 2-3 times a day - Unsure on doseage
    Saw Palmetto - Unsure on doseage
    6g-7g Trib ED
    Vit A, E, C (Multi)
    Flax Seed Oil

    Let me know what dose should be on Cranberry and Saw Palmetto

    What else?


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