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    Ephedra & ECA & Boobs? Again!

    I am too fat 33% BF and it is time to shed some of the lbs so I got some clen and I was thinking about ECA too. I use to take ephedra when it was legal and liked the results for loosing weight, but it has been a while since I dieted and used weight loss supplements

    All right I Just did a research query on Ephedra and got I bunch of stuff I did not need. So I am just going to create this thread in order to get a straight answer from the experts.

    Here are my Questions:

    1.Is Ephedra and Ephedrine the same thing (newbie question right)?

    2.Since Ephedra has been banned in the U.S., can it be found readily on the net and where can I get some?

    3.What is a good daily dose for ECA or is it do as much as possible until I cannot tolerate the sides?

    Nobady wanted to answer my Questions in the steriod forum so I thought I would put it here in the suppliment forum...
    Here is the boob pic...

    Thought I would get more replies by adding boob pic

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    I think I read some where that ephedra and ephedrine are not the same, I could be wrong. I havent done much research on ECA's. But I do like the idea of bribing ppl with links to free nekkid pics. If more bros did that Im sure they would get more results, c'mon, who doesnt like boobies.

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