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    Free **** Any Good


    I got some free ****, heres what I got

    2x bottle SAN t-100 (60caps @ 100mg 17 hydroxyandrostat 1-ene3-one-ether) basicly what your body converts 1ad into

    1x 6oxo ergopharm 60caps

    1xbev flax flaxseed oil caps 90caps

    I just got back into lifiting after a four month layoff, but I always take **** people offer me for free. Its all sealed, so if anyone know if this **** is any good lemme know, or if I can stack this with something let me know, thinking about doing 1ad, 4ad cycle and m1t in the next year. If someone wants this crap, if I don't want it u can have it, it'll cost you like three dollars for shipping i bet.


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    The san stuff is prolly ok for a PH, 6oxo isnt that great but its better than nothing for an anti-e, flax oil pills arent nearly as good as liquid. Its the same thing, but 1 table spoon on liquid is 14g, one pill is 1g.

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