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Thread: 1tu update

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    1tu update

    its been a little over 2 mths since i finished my 6 wk cycle of 1tu.i pct'd with creatine and nitrous(crap).
    lately im not feeling the umph that i felt on the 1tu and it sucks.i havent lost to much strength, just havent gained any.i dont want to do another ph but dont know what else to do(legally)to gain more strength.
    any ideas?

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    There is a ph (I know you don't want to do another one, but wait), it's name is "Off Cycle" and it works pretty well after you do a ph cycle. I just finished using a month supply and It really worked, I continued to grow after the other cycle was over. Other than that, I am sorry I don't know anything else.

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    S1+ great PH IMO

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