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Thread: would it work??

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    Jul 2004

    Cool would it work??

    im gonna go 20mg ed of m1t..i want to take transdermal 4ad but im not able to get it right now.. i already have my m1t on had tho.
    would i get some gains if i take 4ad only the last 2 weeks?? or would it be just a waste.
    so ill be like 1-4 m1t and 2-4 m1t, 4ad.
    waste or good enough so pack me some lbm?


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    nsa is offline King of Supplements
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    Wait til you get your 4-ad to start the cycle...

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    yeah its gonna work because youll still have natty test for the first 2 weeks then youll be supplementing for the last 2

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