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    Straight Protein Powder

    Hey Bros:

    I think this is ****ing hardcore, but I'm not sure how effective it is. My buddy will just take a scoop of protein powder and pour it right into his mouth, then drink some water and force the **** down. Kinda nutz, how effective is this, doesn't the protein need to disolve.

    Oh he also does the **** with cell tech, I tried it once, and inhaled the powder by accident, then spit out a mouthful of poweder all over the rec, it was pretty funny, and FUKCING PAINFUL!

    Later bros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Underboss
    doesn't the protein need to disolve.

    No, water has not effect on the protein or how well it is absorbed. If it's in your stomach, it's in your stomach.

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    It is stupid. It will work the same as a protein or creatine shake. Just alot more of a pain in the a$$.

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