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    m1t and 1ad stupid question

    this will sound like a newbie question, but its really making me think

    im wondering if i do a low dosage of M1T or 1AD for a longer period of time (e.g 5mg for 8 weeks instead of 10 mg for 4 weeks) will the side effects be less severe and not require the full PCT? Or will such a low dosage not make enough of a difference?

    And for those on 1ad, what have youer cycles looked like, what did u stack it with?



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    you will still have the same sides and running it longer will put more stress on your liver (m1t).

    you will still need a full pct , once your natural test is shut down its shut down weather your doing 5-10-15mg aday. and you WILL
    need something to get your levels back up.

    as far as the 1ad goes follow the instructions i think its 1 pill 3x's aday for 6 weeks (its been a while last time i ran it)
    after like a week or 2 you can bump it up if your not seeing results. i did 2 pills 3xs aday and that was alot , i did not know any better at that time. It took a long time for my natural test levels to come back cause i did not run the proper pct, the gains were great on 1-ad but i eventually lost the weight.

    you can follow NSA'a m1t faq for your 1-ad cycle
    Weeks 1-6: 1 pill 3x's aday 1-ad
    Weeks 1-6: 400 mg ED of transdermal 4-ad
    Weeks 1-6: 1500 mg ED of hawthorne berry extract

    Weeks 7-9: 40 mg ED of Nolvadex for the first two weeks, Then down to 20 mg ED of Nolvadex(just incase)
    Weeks 7-9: Clomid Therapy, 300 mg of clomid first day, 100 mg of clomid next 10 days, 50 mg of clomid for final 10 days of clomid therapy.
    Weeks 7-9: Milk Thistle 1000 mg of milk thistle ED

    something like that

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    You should not even think about running a 17-aa compound that long. IMO 4 weeks is the longest i will take any methylated compound. I personally like my liver. And like devils said if you take any androgen that long regardless of dose it will shut you down. And you will need something to increase your natural test levels, unless you want to be on HRT for the rest of your life.

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