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    Capping powders?

    I know this is a stupid question, but i am going to ask some input anyway. Some of the worst things to do is chug a good old weight gainer shake or something of that nature. By capping the powders that are hard to drink will it have the same effect on the body, or would it clump up in the stomach and cause problems. I do not mind chugging and I will continue to do so, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it.

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    I doubt it would be any different or cause problems in the body but that would be alot of pills to take, I would probably just stick to the chugging.

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    It should not be any different. But thats alot of wasted time and alot of caps to be taking at once.

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    wayy to much weight gainer powder to cap man and after a day or two of capping and the 15-20 grams or whatever the powder weighs is an ass load of pills to take and you will end up hating pills.

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