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    Need to know basis.

    6-oxo good enough?

    I am in my second week of 24 mg mohn a day and 400mg 4-derm a day. I am only doing this cycle for 4 weeks. will 6-oxo by itself be good enough for pct? I guess it is OK to start pct day after I finish with my cycle, correct? I have clomid and nolva, but would like to save it for when I head over to the dark side, but if nesseccary, will use it for pct after this current cycle. I appriciate experienced input.

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    I used 6oxo after a M1T/4AD cycle and it worked fine, I had no problems.

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    Got this info from the "PROHORMONE FAQ" on this board, you should check it out.

    6oxo is an aromatize inhibitor sold by Ergopharm. It is the best over the counter anti-estrogen available for post cycle use.
    Week 1 – 600mg daily in two divided doses, morning and night
    Week 2-3 – 400mg daily
    Week 4 – 300mg daily

    Here is the link:
    All the info ON PROHORMONES youll ever need

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