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    FAQ on creatine, NO2, thermogenics and carbs

    I'm getting ready to give NOX2 a try, and have researched enough to know that it's not too effective unless combined with creatine. That being said, I will be loading creatine for the first five days, and continue w/ 2 tblsp. per day for 1 month, the same amount of time that I'll be on NOX2. I'm looking to put on just a few pounds of muscle, while keeping my bodyfat gain to a minimum, if I gain any at all. I'll be eating clean as hell, w/ low carbs (about 100g/day). Here are my questions....

    1. I've read that carbs shouldn't be compromised when supplementing with NO2, however I do not want to gain fat during this experiment, so is low carb OK while on NOX2?

    2. When taking creatine, is it a must that it's taken with a carbohydrate, such as Gatorade, or in a Phosphagen HP form (sugar already in it)?

    3. Would a thermogenic have a negative effect on the NOX2?

    Thanks for any insight. I know that some people on this board don't believe in NO2, but I already have it, and I know many in the gym that love it, so I'm doing it regardless. I will also be supplementing with 10g of glutamine per day.

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    No2 isn't going to do much for gains. It gives a slightly better pump in the gym but thats it. Creatine works best when taken with a carb, ussually enough to create an insulin spike to shuttle the creatine to muscles. A thermogenic would most likely constrict your veins so yes it would cancel out the NO2 and if its caffeine your gonna nullify the creatine too. What are your goals here? Looks to me like your trying to do everything at once. Pick either cutting or bulking, then go with it.

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    no2 is arginine man Buy arginine and take 5gs a day u will get the
    same effect.

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