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    Flax oil in musclemilk shake before bed?

    I asked this on the diet board but I figured you bros could help me too.

    Is it necessary to put flax oil in my muscle milk protein shake when I take it before bed? I know you're supposed to have flax in your protein shake before you go to bed because it slows absorbtion of protein.

    Here's the thing, muscle milk protein shakes have 18 g of fats that are supposedly "good" fats. So, would adding another 14 g from the flax be overkill? That would mean 32 g of "good" fats before bedtime (keep in mind I'm cutting). Should I drop the flax and take the shake by itself?

    Also I heard steak and salmon both have EFA's in them. If that's the case than do I need to take another fat source with them (for example olive oil on the salmon) or can I eat them by themselves?

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    I dont know what other people would say but personally I wouldnt do It I would rather drink/eat Protein... not flax which is basically fat

    I wouldnt use it but get some more info on it!

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