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Thread: nipple problem

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    nipple problem

    i have been taking methyl 1 test for about a week now....2 days ago my girl and i were playing kinda rough and she bit my right nipple....later that night my nipple was hurting and i noticed a bump to the left of the lil guy (part of the nipple that stands up). I tend to overreact....could this bump be gyno?????I have no idea what the hell this bump is!!??Any ideas??????Today it hurts to the touch and the bump is still using ice on it now and plan on seeing a doctor monday

    thanks for any help

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    could be a start of gyno... take 40 mg of nolva ed until symptoms die down.

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    gyno is not on top of the nipple but underneath the skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan2
    gyno is not on top of the nipple but underneath the skin

    Yes but he is still experiencing pain and sensitivity. Definetly get yourself some nolva.

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    yep thats it there man , my gym buddy was doin M1T n had the same problem , but he took nolva for like a week n was good to go !

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