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Thread: Pro Hormone Ban

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    Pro Hormone Ban

    We have long foreseen the potential for this legislation to pass. We have worked hard to get you as much time as possible, and our grassroots efforts have flooded Congress with petitions for nearly two years in an effort to enable the public to make an informed choice about these bills. As we suspected might happen, Senator Biden has now severed the prohormone legislation from the Durbin AER Amendment. He felt that his bill was "being held hostage" by this amendment. He has now added the prohormone legislation to an appropriations bill, Commerce/Justice/State/Judiciary HR4754 & S2809, as an Amendment, which is similar to how Senator Durbin originally tried to attach the AER provision to the Defense Appropriation Bill. The cooperation we received from Senators and organizations that were working with us to oppose the AER provision unfortunately will not help us with the prohormone bill as an added piece of legislation to an appropriations bill. Our lobbyists report that the bill could pass as early as next week, however there is the chance that it will not pass prior to the election but rather in a “Lame Duck” session in November. Because it is contingent on the passage of an appropriations bill, it is also possible that it would be carried over to January before it goes to a vote. Thus, we cannot give you a definite time. It could be as early as next week or as late as January. We will continue to look into what other strategies can be implemented and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

    Stock Up Now while you can

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    Well there goes my next pay check.............
    BTW thanks for the heads up Bryan2!
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    that phucking sucks..def. thanks for the heads up

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    All this ban is going to do is indirectly cause more people to use gear earlier on in their lifespan, before they would have tried ph/ps then moved on to gear, now they will just go straight to gear.

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    nsa your totaly right..... I'm about to start my 3rd m1t//4ad cycle but if m1t and 4ad would have been illegal to begin with I woulda went for gear.

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