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    Creatine And Pee Pee

    My training partner says he pees alot more when he takes creatine, and it's tru, I have seen it. **** near runs to the bathroom every 10 minutes during the workout. He Drinks coffe to. and i said the's prolly whats causing it since the caffien is a diuretic. Then he said he drinks coffee everymorning but only pisses alot when he takes the creatine. I told him he should try parting with the coffee in the morning and just take the creatine to see if it is the creatine or the combination of the two, but he says he's good for **** without his morning brew.

    Do you guys piss alot from creatine?

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    ya but only cause i drink a lot of water while on it, or i get wicked headaches

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    when i used to use creatine i had the same thing.
    you need to piss alot when taking creatine probably becuase of all the excess water and the excreated(waste/unused) creatine coming out of your body.

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