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    arginine delivery for m1t??

    Well with no2 being arginine and trac creatine is a pretty good creatine which uses arginine to deliver creatine and I heard it's good for delivering other stuff..... I'm about to start my 3rd m1t///4derm cycle and I was wondering if supplementing arginine would help in any way???? I'm not really sure just an idea that popped into my head today.

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    Interesting idea but I doubt it would play a roll on the m1t

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    no it wouldnt have any effect on the m1t

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    The methyl attachment on the M-1-T IS the delivery. Arginine does really do anything for delivery for anything. The alpha ketoglutarate is suppose to enhance the performance of the arginine, but I have not seen a single study that shows it does(all studies have been on regular L-Arginine). In TRAC the NADH is the "delivery" for both the creatine and and arginine. The arginine is not in there to help the delivery, just to act as a vasodilator. So I can not see a single way how Arginine would help the M-1-T other than giving you a better pump during trainning and keeping you from cramping if that is a problem for you.

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    I can tell you this...arginine is a great suppliment to use on its own and I do. The effects are great. However, it will not act as a transport for anything else. Its structure will not just attach itself to another molecular structure like that. Good idea but no luck.

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