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    does it matter how you take m1t pills?

    I was wondering does it matter how you take m1t pills? like sum times i'll bring a dose with me and if I cant get to water and am in a big hury i have chewed them b4..... does it make a differnce whether u chew them or swallow them? i swallow them most of the times but when water isnt around and my mouth is really dry it is hard..... plus i duno y but my neck has gotten pretty big and its hard as crap to swallow stuff now..... like as if my passageway has narrowed or something..... i dunno but anyways just was wondering.

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    ive often wondered how it be sublingualy.

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    Ive tried it sublingually but it friigin burns to bad to keep doing it plus the methyl really takes care of any absorbtion problems anyway so i doubt it would help any

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