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Thread: Trenobol

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    Wuttup all, I just bought a bottle of "Trenobol" made by Max Muscle. My friend recommended it to me...he said he had really good gains in strength with it. It is supposed to be 2 hydrogen molecules away from trenbolone . I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it will stay in my is the chemical name:

    19-Norandrosta 4, 9 diene 3, 17 dione

    When I saw the Norandrosta I immediately thought about Nordiol and Norandro and how long those stay in the system. Hopefully this don't stay in the system too long. I heard about 3 months...but just checking.

    Thanks for the help all

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    Yeah it will stay in the system probably up to 6 months since its only oral How much are they charging?

    Look into finigenex same ingredients or even mdien same thing only methylated for more feedback for you

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    Thanks...I was just worried cuz it is 19-Nor and all I have ever heard is that the nor's were assiociated with deca and teh 18 month detection time. But I know that trenbolone is supposed to be in the system for 4-5 months, and since this product converts into Tren , I thought it would be the same 4-5 months detection time. What do u all think?

    Thanks all

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