i just got some bolt brand epedrine hcl and caffeine and it says nothing on the box for weightloss ( i know its ment for broncial problems its just that it doesnt even say as a side effect weight loss) they are 25 mg pills of just the edpedrine. it says u can take up to 6 a day that seems too much since the old eca combos olny totaled around 100 mgs max a day ......so is the pure hcl epederine and caffeine betta than the epedra??? and should i add an asprin to the stack to??? someone help me out and can u give me a reccomned dose ....cause i hear every day 5 days on 2 days off ......or 2 months on 2 months off lol thankss anyone who helps i will gladly send u the site where to get it