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    Methyl D cycle help

    At the moment I have 5 bottles of methyl-d and 5 of 1-AD. I was going to use these for separate cycles, but could I stack them together? I am 6', 207 lbs, 10pct b/f and have been lifting solid for 4 years and diet is in check. If anyone has any info on what would be a good cycle for using methyl-d specifically it would help out.

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    cant really say anything about methyl-d, but i had good results from

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    i picked up 1-AD is harsher on the liver than 4-AD and not really a good ideal to mix the two. Ive heard of people mixing 1AD and 4Ad though. cant remember the other brand that was good for mixing with 1AD.

    Im running my second week of Mdien right now at 14 tabs a day a milk thisle tab with each 2 pills i drop. Im getting very slow progress but my str is up i believe.

    Then again i also was running m1t 3 weeks ago for a week im not to into the bloat it gives and two weeks before that i was on Mdien for 2 weeks.

    Tricepts have grown a inche since then i need to get my blood back to normal.

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