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    This may be of interest!

    I have been controling intake for 2 months, 40% protein/40% fat/20% carbs= total cals 2000, I have increased strength and poundage each and every week and gone down from 205IIbs too 184IIbs at 15% BF, the only sups I take are: Multi, Glocosiamine, Omega 3, HMB (6 per day) green tea extract, On workout days sida cordafolia (2) before training, Creatine before and after, and that's it. BJ getting lean.

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    Great to hear bro! Keep up the good work!

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    Awesome progress bro.

    How do you like the HMB.

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    2000 cals is quite restrictive, so those results are in line.
    though the carb restriction is likely responsible for at least 3-5lbs or more of water loss... just something to keep in mind.. the sida cordofila another 1-2lbs of water weight (based on starting parameters and body fat.. rough estimates)

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