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Thread: Methyl-dien

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    THA GONZ is offline Associate Member
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    Feb 2004


    anyone know how this stuff is and what dosages should be used? also what is a good stack with it, if it is worth doing?

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    the GYM
    didnt have much results for me at 7mg/day.

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    east coast
    Methyl-d IMO is by far the worst methylated compound you can buy. Try m1t and/or m-1,4-add.

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    Jun 2004
    methyl d is not a bulking methyl which because of the hype early on people think it is this compound is best used for LBM on cutting cycles

    the most ive seen people use is 10mg ed the consensis seems to be around 5 pounds LBM for a 4 weeker

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    Feb 2003
    I acually like the stuff been taking 14grams a day for two weeks. ive had small gains by the end of week two each time i use and come off a 2 weeks cycle.

    Seen some size at 12 mgs also its a slow compound with not any of the m1t effects.

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