I been working out steady for allmost a year, and started off being 140 lbs..being 5'10 , then i got on creatine and gained about 15 - 20 lbs just by working out and taking creatine. Then this july I caught Monocluosis, and wasnt able to eat anything for few weeks, and had to stop working out. WEll then I lost 20 lbs, but since then I also gained about 10 back, so im 150 now, And I want to gain 10 - 15 lbs more asap! ( no juice) Im coming back to the gym next week, and I was planning on getting some creatine, but should I start using it my first week back or no? Also a lot of people suggested for me to use NO2 with it, I was wondering if NO2 is a waiste of money and just creatine would be fine or waht should I do. Of course I drink protein shakes as well.